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If you’re a respected blogger with a focus on outdoor style and trends, you could be a great match for us. No matter how small or large your dedicated following is, we’d love to hear from you.

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Whether you own a funky antique shop, sell handmade goods online, or have a large furniture manufacturing operation, we’re always looking for engaging seller perspectives.

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If you specialize in a niche like exterior style, outdoor DIY solutions, or remodeling, your knowledge could serve as valuable content for LiveAbode.

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Our goal is simple: to effectively and consistently provide homeowners with fresh ideas related to exterior style. That’s why we look for contributors who can answer “yes” to most of the below questions.

Can we quote you?

Nothing beats a direct quote when it comes to expert opinions. We’d love to capture one or two of yours.

Do you have a trend tip?

If you’re a pro or enthusiast with an eye for what’s next, we’re all ears (and our readers are too!).

Do you have original data?

If you or your company is able to provide relevant research that you gathered first-hand (rather than curated research), it’s a great way to contribute.

Can you contribute a sponsored post?

If you’re able to provide the article, we’re happy to give you the credit.

Will you swap content with us?

If you have content that strikes a chord with our audience and we have content that strikes a chord with yours, let’s talk.

Do you have a content partnership idea?

We welcome any unique content ideas that fuse your goals and ours in an unconventional way. Don’t be afraid to wow us!

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