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The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Entertaining

May 6, 2019

Outdoor entertaining season is finally here (or close to here — depending on where you live!). And at LiveAbode, we are welcoming it with open arms. In preparation for the warmer evenings and weekends ahead, we’ve rounded up some top tips from designers, entrepreneurs and outdoor living experts to inspire you this season.

Add a Deck

Every backyard oasis needs three things: a place to rest your feet, a place to feel safe, and a place to have fun. The answer for combining all three of those things with just one item, is by adding a deck to your backyard! Adding outdoor furniture expresses your personal style, and allows you and your guests a place to relax. Guarded by handrails, it’s also a safe space where guests can allow their small children to roam freely without worry. And lastly, a deck truly will become the central hub of your backyard gathering space!

Kaitlin Martin, Admin Assistant & Marketing Director, Choice Windows, Doors & More Inc.

Create vignettes

Create interesting spaces for people to relax and enjoy themselves. Make sure there's enough seating, too. My rule of thumb is to have at least a ratio of 3 chairs for every 4 guests. And don't forget kid spaces! Cornhole is great because kids and adults can play.

Elizabeth Montgomery, Designer, Boxhill Design

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Bring the Kitchen Outside

Since our family loves cooking, what we usually do is have a kitchen set up outside – that’s set apart from the grilling station. This gives us two different outdoor areas to chat with our guests while we prep and cook. It’s our way to bond with our guests, and at the same time, share with them some family recipes on the spot.

Pratibha Vuppuluri, CEO, She Started It!

Get Your Guests Mixing

Invite your guests to be master mixologists. Set up a bar with martini shakers, ice, fancy glasses, cloth napkins and handwritten cocktail recipes. Arrange an Instagrammable table setting so they can post their creations! To make it easy, set up ingredients in the following categories and have them choose one from each:

  • Alcohol: Gin, vodka, tequila, champagne or prosecco
  • Mix: Tangerine and orange juices, sparkling water
  • Splash: Limoncello, St. Germaine, Aperol Spritz
  • Garnish: Lemon and lime slices/wedges; fresh or pureed berries

Vivian Young, Senior Content Manager, Good Night's Rest

Give Yourself Time

I always aim to have everything set up at least one hour before the event starts. This gives me an hour window to tend to anything unexpected that might come up, or running to the store for last minute items that might have been forgotten. Then when the guests arrive, we can relax and enjoy their company!

Lauren Mochizuki, Lifestyle / Design Expert, Casa Mochi

Al fresco entertaining is the best way to use your outdoor space and truly enjoy the exterior of your home. We hope these tips will give you some ideas!

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